Simplify how you run your field service

Let go of the spreadsheet. Schedule jobs, dispatch employees and track their tasks with Younility LIVE.


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employee time saved

Younility LIVE

Simple dispatching for small and medium business.

Younility LIVE is a web and mobile solution that helps you dispatch jobs quickly and easily. You can assign tasks to your people, follow up, and ensure all your important jobs get done.


Get rid of the paperwork and increase employee productivity


Schedule jobs with date, location and description. Manage them on a job board or a drag-and drop calendar view.


Dispatching work to your employees has never been easier with our intuitive map view and drag-and-drop job assignment.


Know exactly when your employees start and complete every job. Their GPS location is available on a map in real time.

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Meet some of our happy customers

Mattress Mart  the importance of customer service in dispatch software

“We chose Younility because of the people and their
willingness to work with us and understand our business needs.”

Mike Bernier – VP, Mattress Mart

Bob Stinson from R&B Trucking – more business in less time with savings up to 20%

“If you don’t know where your people are, it’s hard to book. You can overlap your drivers, and that was happening for years. It was costing us a lot of money. Before, I would be on the phone all the time. Now I don’t even have to call my guys anymore.”

Bob Stinson – R&B Trucking

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Enterprise Solution

Connect your mobile workforce to your enterprise systems

Our customizable enterprise solution consists of a mobile app, your application integration, and the Younility API. Enabling you to better manage your company’s data and resources, making better business as a result.