Cell Site Audits Just Got Faster

Keep up with the rapid pace of change in wireless communications. Make your field and cell site audits faster and more accurate using Younility FieldAIR.

“Younility’s approach is to make it very easy for the field technicians to do their job. As they do their job, the data comes back to our product seamlessly. It is very easy for our customers to adopt the tool, and it was very easy to integrate it into our product.”

Graeme Jones
Director of Product Management, Ericsson

Designed for Network Operations

It’s never been easier to achieve this level of control

Younility FieldAIR combines intuitive iOS & Android mobile apps with the power of Ericsson Adaptive Inventory (EAI) to ensure you, your people and your infrastructure is always up to date, in compliance and working at maximum efficiency.


FieldAIR empowers your tower climbers and field technicians to document a view of the expected set of assets and physical configuration of a site.

Take control of your inventory

FieldAIR sends the results of this comparison to the Cloud — upstream from the FieldAIR app to the Younility server, where operators can assign or take additional actions within Ericsson Adaptive Inventory.


Accurate, up-to-date site data

FieldAIR stands for Audit, Installation, and Repair, but audits are where it shines — and where users can really save. FieldAIR can boost your productivity by 20% – all while delivering outstanding inventory accuracy.


If you deal in cell site audits or any of these common work areas, you should book a free FieldAIR demo today

  • New Site Builds
  • Overlay Projects
  • Site Modifications
  • Antenna Change-outs
  • Co-location leases
  • Trouble Report Response
  • Damage Report Response
  • Regularly Scheduled Maintenance / Inspection Reports
  • Network Reconciliation / Discovery
  • Duplicate Asset records
  • Acquisition / Divestiture Asset Verification
  • Upgrades & downgrades
  • Service Migration planning for Wireline services

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If you’re involved in network operations in any way, today is the day to learn more about Younility FieldAIR. Leveraging the powering of Ericsson Adaptive Inventory, no other cell site or network auditing app compares. Book a hassle-free, no-commitment 10 minute demo today by submitting your details below. It’s free!