Younility LIVE Preview – June 2018

Younility LIVE Preview – June 2018

Last week’s new mobile apps are just the beginning. We’re thrilled to give you a sneak peak of what’s coming up next month!

New! Quickbooks Integration: When an Estimate is approved in Quickbooks Online, a Task is created in Younility. When a user completes a task, an Invoice is created in Quickbooks Online with the time the user took to complete the task and the billable amount. The Estimate, Invoice and Younility Task are linked together, giving you the full picture of the work.

Improved! Task multi-assign support: The jobs need a crew? No problem! The next update will allow you to assign multiple users to a task.

Improved! See multiple days on the Live page: You know when you want to see the tasks for the week but you can only select a day at a time? No more! We got you a new date range selector at the top of the map!

New! Organization files: Now you can upload files and have them accessible by any user, and the files can be easily attached to new tasks, so they can be easily accessed by your employees on the field.

New! Tasks with multiple locations: You can now create a task based on a previously created routes and have each location listed as a sub-task on the mobile app. Here’s how it works:

1. From the top menu, select Routes:

2. On the Routes page, add a new route by filling the name and clicking on Create:

3. Type in the addresses on the address box, select the desired one from the list and click on Add Place:

4. Once you have added all the locations to the route, go back to the Livepage and click on Create Task, and start typing the name of the route. Then, select the route you just created:

5. Hit Create to create the task:

We’d love to tell you more about the new features coming soon. Contact us now and let us help you save time, money and hassle today.

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