Connect the field to your enterprise systems

“Younility’s approach is to make it very easy for the field technicians to do their job. As they do their job, the data comes back to our product seamlessly. It is very easy for our customers to adopt the tool, and it was very easy to integrate it into our product.”

– Graeme Jones
Director of Product Management, Ericsson

Truly Simple Dispatch & Scheduling

Our field service solution combine a web dispatch console, easy to use mobile apps and an open API to get your people where they need to be, with the info they need, in a way that users actually enjoy.

Designed for enterprises

Unlock dramatic time and cost savings, and integrate with all your critical systems.

Schedule and dispatch

Field technicians are assigned tasks via a simple dispatch management zone. Multiple queues allow dispatch to manage multiple sets of technicians.

GPS tracking

Ever needed to know where someone has been during the day or anytime in the past? We can track the mobile device’s location history and direction of movement. Fully compatible with local legislation.

Custom data capture

While completing work, the input field will validate data based on desired objects, including Picklists, Short Text, Long Text, Numeric, Decimal, DateTime and Boolean

Compatible with your enterprise tools

Combine the simplicity of Younility with your enterprise tools using our powerful API. Integrate with accounting, time tracking and other tools.

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