Younility LIVE

Everything you need to get work done in one app

Younility LIVE enables greater productivity and success from field to office.

Use the web application for

Live Task Tracking

Dispatching work to your employees has never been easier with our intuitive map view and drag and drop job assignment. And tracking the work is just as easy. As soon as an employee begins work on a field task, it can be viewed live.

Reports and File Storage

Keeping track of who does what and when can be a real hassle. Younility LIVE reports track every activity from the moment a task starts until it ends. We also store that data forever.

Import / Export Data

If you already have a database of locations or assets that are in another system, simply import them into Younility. Exporting allows you to send work activity to your CRM or accounting system.

With just a smartphone you can

View Current and Future Work

Once logged into the mobile app you will see a list of tasks to be actioned, complete with labels, notes, pictures, and files. Scroll through future days to view work that has been scheduled.

Turn-By-Turn Directions

When you need to get somewhere new, simply tap Navigate within the app and receive the best possible directions. No need for Garmins or paper maps.

Work Offline

If you ever have to work outside of cell range or in the basement of a building, sync allows you to enter information to a task without losing important data.